Secret Sound on KSUX

The KSUX Secret Sound winner was made with Jackson on KSUX


Listen up weekdays at 7:20am during "The Tony & Candice Morning Show".  They will give you the "winning times" and the theme of the winning collage of audio.  It may contain celebrity voice(s), song clips, movie titles and buy viagra at a discount other audio files.  So far, we've made 6 big winners!

1 -  "Weather theme" - "Twister" the movie, "Blown Away" the song, "The Thunder Rolls" song, and Al Roker

2.  "Dog Theme" - "Ol' Red", Toby Keith (the big dog Daddy), You'll Think of Me (not a cat fan), and "Marley and Me"

3.  "Love Gone Bad theme" - "Stay", "Fatal Attraction", "Pray for You", and Kristen Stewart

4.  "Disgruntled employee theme" - "Johnny Cash" song, "Office Space", "Beer on brand levitra without a prescription the Table", and Luke Bryan talking about his first job at Bebo's.

5.  "Money theme" - "Chain of Love", "Moneyball", "Beer Money", and Brantley Gilbert talking about building a home

6.  "Famous tv ladies" - Jessica Simpson, Jenna Renstrom, Rosie O'Donnell and Tyra Banks

7.  Random celebrities - Dr. Phil, Jake Owen, Billy Gilman and Rusty Wallace

Secret Sound #8 on KSUX.

The Secret Sound #8 is comprised of 5 voices.  Be the 15th caller at the designated time. get all 5 right and win $500!

Wrong guesses on 10/24 - Voice #1 - Marlon Brando and Kenny Chesney (Hint:  The Kenny Chesney guess is MUCH CLOSER!)

Wrong guess 10/25 at 9:45am - Voice #1 - Boomhauer from "King of the Hill"

Clue #1 - Think country music star....  He played in Siouxland, but not recently....

Wrong guess 10/25 at 3:30pm - Voice #1 - Tom Brokaw

Wrong guess 10/26 at 7:25am - Voice #1 - Toby Keith

Clue #2 - His favorite team might be the PHILadelphia Phillies....

Wrong guess 10/26 at 10:27am - Voice #1 - Jason Aldean

VOICE #1 guessed correctly - PHIL VASSAR!!!!

10/26 Voice #2 wrong guess - Ellen

Clue # 3 - Voices 2 & 3 have something in common....

10/29 Voice #2 wrong guess - Carrie Underwood

Clue #4 - Voice #2 mentions Grant.  Grant is from Sioux City!

10/29 Voice #2 wrong guess - Miranda Lambert

10/29  VOICE #2 CORRECT ANSWER is Taylor Swift

Voice # 3 guess - Grant Michaelson from Taylor Swift's band

Clue #4 - Voice #3  Think Valentine's Day with Voice #2

Clue#5 - I don't believe Voice #3 has ever been to Sioux City...he hangs out in the woods

Clue #6 - Voice #4    14-3-4

Wrong guess on voice #3 - Adam Levine

On-air clue for Voice #3:  Not a musician

Clue #7 - A Laut of women love this guy!

Voice #3 guessed correctly - Taylor Lautner (Jacob from "Twilight" - was also in Valentine's Day with T. Swift)

10/30 at 12:40pm Voice #4 guess was Kristen Stewart

Clue #8 on Voice #5 - This dude is within driving distance of Sioux City!  Very inspirational guy.

Congrats to Stacey from Sioux City!  She just won $500 from KSUX

Here were the price of viagra in canada winning Voices:

1.  Phil Vassar
2.  Taylor Swift
3.  Taylor Lautner
4.  Sara Te Slaa from KTIV
5.  Paul Rhoads - Iowa State Football coach