Tony and Candice Glossary of Terms

The Tony & Candice Morning Show Glossary of Terms

We understand that we have new listeners that may be listening for the first time.  You may hear us say something that may sound a little off.  It probably is.  We will do our best to clarify those terms right here on the internet machine.

angst - One of our favorite words.  You can often hear this emotion in a Keith Urban song.  Think "You'll Think of Me".  That song is filled with angst.  You can also hear angst in Tony's voice when some KSUX caller talks negatively about Tony's beloved Huskers.  This happens daily.

Brucie - Our pal Bruce Miller who joins us every Friday morning.  He is one of the best writers ever to look here grace the pages at The Sioux City Journal.

Doc Benzoni - Tony's favorite tv segment of the week on KCAU.  Dr. Oz has nothing on this guy.  If you have gout, lupus or any unexplained itch...e-mail this guy.  It airs on Wednesday nights.

Fake Bald Guy - Bald guy that always "covers up" with a cap or cowboy hat.

Hump Day - Candice uses this lame identifier to describe Wednesday.  It drives Tony nuts!

Lovely Wife - Tony uses this term to refer to Shana Lynn...the saint of online cialis sales a woman that puts up with him.

manpoints - Something Tony loses daily when he watches "the Bachelor", and "DWTS".

manscaper - This was once uttered on "The Bachelor" to describe one of the worst occupations on Planet Earth.  Tony is in dire need of one.

pec implants - We've heard rumors about a famous dude that may have had this procedure done.  Oh, who are we kidding?  You know who it is.  It's Jackson - the afternoon huy on KSUX.  Ask him.  He might be viagra cheapest online sellers a little shy about it at first, but he will come clean eventually.

Plastic Minivan - Candice's mode of transportation.  She had a green one.  Now, it's a blune one with 210,000 miles on it.

Pompous jerkward - Candice uses this term to lovingly describe Tony when he uses a word that's probably made up or used incorrectly.

Pooky Bear - See Travis Morgan description

Rando - Randy Rey Renshaw.  Our KSUX news guru with the "golden pipes".  He also hosts a well respected talk show on our sister staion (KSCJ) where he talks news events, politics and heavy hitters call the show daily.  With us, he usually chats about stupid criminals, funny animals and naked newsmakers.

"Suicidal Six" - a good night of sleep for us - 6 hours.  We take naps during long songs.

TEC Center - Misnomer uttered by Candice.  It's The TEC....or... The Tyson Events Center, but never the viagra tablets Tyson Events Center Center.  Ugh.

thigh high boots - This term is often used in conjunction with the lovely Carrie Underwood.  She sported this hot fashion accessory at The Tyson Events Center.  Tony has never been the same ever since.  There is also an awkward backstage story that accompanies this term, but due to possible litigation, it is where to buy cialis best we don't bring that up.

Travis Morgan - Former KMEG sports guy now entertaining legions of Husker fans at KMTV in Omaha.  He outkicked his coverage and married Sarah Te Slaa.  We're not sure how that happened either.  Travee likes to talk about Spanx, sports and famous bald dudes in broadcasting like Dick Vitale, Terry Bradshaw and Pat Sajak Tony Kornheiser.

uber - This was used in a Bruce Miller concert review about 6 years ago in The Sioux City Journal.  We think it means very...or maybe a goober.  It's hard to tell.  Go ask Bruce.   Example:  Candice is an uber fan of county fairs.