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Happy Retirement Randy Rey Renshaw!

Here is a mixtape of "Randy's lighter side of KSUX news"  We're going to miss ya buddy!

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Justin Moore's Arkansas neighbor called KSUX Thursday morning to request JM's "Small Town USA". He moved here to work construction and will make Siouxland his home until March. He was looking for things to do around the area and listeners blew up the phone line and Facebook feed with ideas..

.I didn't realize how many great places we have to dine at and enjoy! I HEART SIOUXLAND :0)

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"The 2012 CMA Awards Show Notes from the Couch"

Read the 2012 CMA Awards Show blog

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"An Intimate conversation with Jackson"

You hear his voice every weekday on KSUX 105.7 from 2-7pm and you may wonder what makes Jackson tick.  Here's a bit of an insight into the world of Jackson.

Who's your favorite country music star?  Tim McGraw

What's your favorite tv show (aside from Channel 9 Eyewitness News) - "Duck Dynasty"...Hey, don't judge me.  A close second would be "Sons of Anarchy"

Worst on-air moment:  Saying the wrong station name

Most fulfilling moment:  Working with "Support Siouxland Soldiers"

When you were 6 years old, what did you want to be?  Without a doubt - a garbage man

Biggest pet peeve:  Slow drivers

Worst fashion look:  Ugg boots.  For Men.  For Women.  Whatever.  It's just plain ugly.  What is Tom Brady thinking?

Favorite Husker of all time:  Tommie Frazier

Food you demolish:  Rosie's Pizza's Garbage Pizza

It's a weekend off, what is your favorite activity?  I love doing yard work, drinking a cold beer and watching a Husker game.

Best movie - "Forrest Gump"

First cd you ever purchased - Guns & Roses

First wheels:  1985 Cutlass Ciera

Most memorable prom memory (answer safe enough for the web site) - Being on the planning committee, because I got out of class

Movie that you can't stand:  "Wizard of Oz" - Man, those monkeys scare me!

Wedding colors - Uh, I think navy blue and like a burnt orange?

Editors note:  Jackson is set to wed on September 28th, 2013 to his lovely and very talented fiance'...Jessica

Please call Jackson at 274-1057 - weekday afternoons on KSUX.  Look, how lonely he looks....  Keep him busy!

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